First, there is still 85 years to go in this century but the promotion around that super fight, cause that’s what it is, has gone beyond what we had seen in history. Yes, because of social media covering every minute of it and creating an unpressedant hype for a boxing bout. But are we getting cut in a media frenzy ? Is there a bigger fight that happened in recent history that is way more meaningful than MayPac ? Yes. Many.

Even if its the biggest pay day for everyone involve, let’s not forget that Manny, although an incredible offensive fighter, has lost 5 times and has been seriously knocked down in the 4th fight against Marquez. In fact, for a few seconds, while laying down in the ring unanimated many were scared that he might never get up again. Even if Manny came back strong after that knocked down and defeated Rios, Bradley and Algiri a lot of people still have that image of Pacquiao motionless in th ring. If Mayweather knock him out or win by decision its a situation that the world has already seen before cause Pacman has lost 5 times. So, the hype is all about this : Can Pacquiao beat Mayweather ? We will know that in a few hours.

Even if I desagree with people saying that the fight should have happaned 5 years ago cause both boxer are still extremely good, fast, explosive, more experienced and the build up to the bout makes it even more interesting, I share the idea that this fight is amongst the most anticipated fight. George Foreman is right when he says that the rematch between Jos Louis and Max Schmelling and the first fight of Ali and Frazier are the bouts that egual the anticipation of MayPac.

3 Fights more meaningful than MayPac in recent history

1) Oscar De La Hoya 31-0, 25 ko’s vs Felix Trinidad 35-0, 30 ko’s

file_182321_1_ODLH-cover300_RINGIn 1999, both boxers were at the peak of their career and both were knock out artist and most of all : undefeated. It was a very competitive match up and it broked Pay-Per-View sells for a non heavyweights fight. At that time, De La Hoya was a mega superstar and according to many I’ve spoken to, his stardom was not even comparable to the one of Manny Pacquiao today.

2) Pernell Whitaker 32-1 vs Julio Cesar Chavez Sr 87-0

0In 1993, 70 000 fans packed a Texas stadium to watch the olympic gold medalist and #1 pound-4-pound, Pernell, fight the #2 undefeated pound-4-pound and Mexican legend, Chavez. This bout was labelled as « the fight» that everyone wanted to see. Unfortunately it ended up with a draw.

3) Ali 31-0 vs Fraizer 26-0 the 1st fight63610a_lgI know I said «in recent history» and I could have picked Lewis vs Tyson but I think that those two olympic gold medalists and undefeated heavyweight champion is a match up made in heaven. Mostly because they were talented, powerful and nobody had ever defeated one of them. In 1971, both man stepped into the ring to make history and one would wake up the day after a loss. Now, 45 years later boxing experts agree that this bout is still one of the biggest in history.

I’m curious to see what we will say about the MayPac fight in 10 years from now…better yet, tomorrow ! It’s all depend of the performance of the athlete in the ring and the outcome. Bottom line is that this fight took years in the making and for a while many thought it would never happened so the hype is even bigger because of that. It’s of course a great match up, a genious defensive fighter against and explosive offensive opponent. 


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