Derek Poundstone a few minutes after he lifted the Louis Cyr stone of over 500lbs and stole the Fortissimus 2008 championship from Savickas who thought he already won.

Working as a journalist and producer, not to brag about it but I have been to many sports events, world championships and even to the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010 where Crosby gave us a goal in overtime for the Olympic Gold medal. Vancouver become the craziest city on the planet for a few hours. I also was in Argentina in 2006, when the national soccer team won 6-0 during the World Cup. Buenos Aires was on fire and celebrating like it was the last day on earth. Of course,  I have not seen it all, but let’s say that  I’ve seen some of it at least.

But still to this day, nothing compares to the excitement and thrill that Derek Poundstone provided us in Montmagny, near Québec city, in 2008, when he lifted the Louis Cyr stone in order to beat Zydrunas Savickas and obtain Fortissimus first place : the title of the migthiest man on the planet ( and freaking load of money). To me and many others packed in the small tent, it felt like time had stopped. Just a few seconds. The time to understand that Savickas was wrong, that there was actually someone able to lift that rock, and that guy was Derek Poundstone. When Poudstone reached to gather all energy inside of him and absorb the energy sent from the 400 people that was so close from him: he slowly but surely got the rock in the air and put on the platform. The crowd went crazy and instinctively jumped on the field which made it impossible to have a formal price ceremony ! It was insane. Just like Zydrunas told Sam Dubé, the TSN host :  »It’s unbeleivable ».

Oh yeah Big Z , you had to beleive it cause Derek not only tried hard enough and lifted it, but if you would have thought that it was possible, you would have also lifted it.  But Savickas really thought nobody could do it but he should have tried seriously to pick it up, just like Derek, in order to secure his win.

Anyhow, Fortissimus 2008 was probably one the best sporting event I have ever attented so far with the Olympics and some world boxing championship. I have conducted an interview  with Derek Poundstone in 2009 in the Chateau Frontenac for my documentary film coming out in about 2 years, The hidden face of strenght (La Face Cachée de la Force). He told me about faith and that he also thought nobody could lift that rock untill he had to do it to win.

Four years after, here is a video of Derek Poundstone training for the Arnold Classic in 2012.


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