Real scientific knowledge on fitness and fasting by Martin Berkhan

You’re training hard and paying a lot for healthy food cause you need to eat every 3 hours. You eat about 5 to 7 times a day because you think it boost your metabolism, build muscle and controls your blood sugar level, right ? Of course, everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is it ?

Fasting to gain muscle and for fat lost

When you eat a meal at every 3hours, you can mention it on your resume as a part time job!

Well, when we look at scientific research, we may have to think it all again. Martin Berkhan is world known athlete and coach and he talks about intermitent fasting in this video, which is a little bit like the Warrior Diet.

The idea is to fast in a 16 hours period and eat in the 8 hours. Here are some interesting scientific facts that push all the common bodybuilder to rethink his diet routine and his personnal finance as well. But of course, it’s not every diet that suites everyone. This one is more of a lifestyle than anything else.

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