Mikhail Koklyaev, Russian Champion

Among the strengh athletes I had the chance to meet over the years, Mikhail Koklyaev ( a.k.a. Misha ) is probably one of the coolest and funnyest of all (Mike Saunders, you’re 2nd !).  He is also one of the rare athltes that have successfuly made the transition from Olympic lifting to strongman competition. From what I know, He is a complete athlete and a true gentleman.

He is almost a rock star in Russia, his native country. Here is a video of him at work. I’m not a expert but, his technic seems to be perfect to me. Next time I see him, you bet that I’m taking a picture with him !


  1. J’aimerais bien le voir au olympique, ça serait vraiment interessant à voir

  2. peu de leveurs olympiques en effet vont aux hommes forts . les hommes forts font de la force athletique .

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